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does anyone actually come here anymore? i hope you guys are all doing fine, wherever you are, whatever you're busy with. xx

if we just hold on together; 2:49 AM

i miss you guys.

if we just hold on together; 7:00 PM

yo peeps :D

i don't know who comes here anymore but i still drop by from time to time :D

ANYWAY WHO WANTS CLASS CHALET :D :D :D :D time to start booking haha! :D :D :D :D

if we just hold on together; 1:34 PM

yo peeps :D

i don't know who comes here anymore but i still drop by from time to time :D

ANYWAY WHO WANTS CLASS CHALET :D :D :D :D time to start booking haha! :D :D :D :D

if we just hold on together; 1:34 PM

thanks guys for turning up for class sleepover(:
who ever turned up anyway.
i think we all had fun :D

and just to make the people who ditched us feel bad,
after you guys left,
my mum opened the fridge and was like
"why is there so much food left! why you never eat finish! 13 people never eat?!"
there was like alot of food left, specifically, alot of pork chops, cos there wasn't enough people to cook, and chicken wings, etc.
so fyi people, audrey is going to die of pork chop overdose in the next few weeks.
all thanks to you.

(i am still angry!)

if we just hold on together; 10:04 PM

48A Toh Tuck Road,
Signature Park

The 7 people who are coming, give this info to your parents if they need it(: It's my home address and home number.

Since so little people are coming, like so many of you told me no at the last minute, people like amanda didn't even bother to reply my message even though i specifically mentioned NOT to dao it, we will be meeting at Westmall instead for a movie since it makes no sense for the 4 of us who will already be at my house for IH to go all the way out to Kallang -.- its far for everyone.

If you like, you can come to my house and drop your stuff off and we can go together since its only a 10min bus ride from my house to there. We will go and eat lunch there and wait for Car to finish her briefing and watch a movie together.

We'll come back and swim and the rest plans the same.

People who are coming, awesome, let's have fun(:
People who are not, have fun doing whatever. Audrey is never talking to you again(:

Coming: Audrey, Charlotte, Lauren, Sarah, Venus, Carissa

if we just hold on together; 11:13 PM

Hi people.
This is the new and confirmed plans(:

Meet at Kallang Leisure Park at 12pm. We will be having lunch together there, if you'll be late then you eat first then come. The rink resurfaces the ice at 1pm so we'll g in at that time s the ice will be ready after we lace up. If anybody needs gloves tell me, I have some extra so we don't have to rent. We can go bowling or kbox-ing or arcade-ing etc.

In the evening, we're going to have dinner by the pool. My maid will be cooking, so anybody allergic to anything please tell me. Otherwise we'll probably have noodles, shepherd's pie and some finger food like chicken wings etc. Bring swimming costume or you'll be chased out.

You guys can leave anytime before 3 on Thursday, but must clear by 3 cos I'm going to library to study after that and I have ballet lesson anyway(:

Packing List
1. Clothes. Bring as many sets as you feel suitable, remember we're going to swim, plus you might get wet if you fall during skating. Don't forget undergarments!
2. Gloves and Socks for skating. Longer socks are better protection against blisters.
3. Towel and toiletries(tothbrush etc)
4. Swimming Costume and goggles if you want.
5. Money (the more the merrier)
6. Games, Food, basically extra stuff.

People who are coming: Amanda, Celine, Charlotte, Lauren, Tze Hui, Carissa, Sim Hwee, Sarah, Venus, Alicia, Jia En.
People who are NOT coming: Shi Ting(who backed out at the last minute. the next person who does this to me, seriously, I will kill you),Jean (another last minute idiot), Lynn, Tessa, JingTing.
I don't know: Lynn.

People, my mother has already bought food and everything, made arrangements for you guys to be here so please appreciate it. I do not appreciate people not replying my smses and dao-ing me, and telling me things at the last minute like "by the way, I can't go for class outing" because it is fucking rude and irresponsible, the whole thing is free, my mum is paying for all the food and your accomodation is free, my house is not a freaking chalet that you can just back out of as and when you wish to. Don't make things difficult for me because my mother will not be around, she will only fly back on Thursday. We all want to have fun, so people, have some sense of responsibility. Thank you.

if we just hold on together; 8:33 PM


welcome to the blog of
currently of nanyang girls
we consist of
amanda audrey charlotte celine jean joyan tzehui lauren tessa carissa simhwee sarah venus shiting lynn alicia jingting jiaen

our form teacher is still
ms chooi and she teaches (gah)math

Accompany of our class mascots
chooichooi and (dead&torn) box-heads

Contact: thirteeners@gmail.com
or just knock on our class door
at level 3 (near sewingrooms)

we are like totally funloving, enthu and nice. that's unless you try to delete our blog, then we'll start eating all your toes!


Audrey and Lauren: Chinese Dance
Amanda and Tzehui: Choir
Charlotte and Celine: Band
Jean: Softball
Joyan: Debate
Tessa: Gym
Simhwee: C. Drama
Sarah and Venus: Wushu
Shi Ting and Alicia: Info comm
Lynn: NPCC
Jing Ting: Strings
Carissa: Field
Jiaen: Netball


Lang Arts: Mr Calvin Lee
Math: Ms Chooi C.Y
Chinese: Liu Lao Shi
Science: Ms Lye
History: Mrs Kuan J.L
Geog: Ms Rachel Khoo
and we bid farewell to Ms Goh
and we bid farewell to Mr Guo
and we bid farewell to Mr Tan
and we bid farewell to Ms Sabrina


please tag meaningfully. do not spam uneccesarily (does not apply to our own class spammers)


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